Today's Teenage Triumph (a VERY rare event)

Teen manages to get himself a job in pub as tryout. Perfect, really (for him). Slides out of bed late, fifteen minute saunter away from home, five hours a couple of days a week.

That's how life really works, right?

Teen's first 'day' goes okay. What was supposed to be couple of hours, turned into five (however Teen grumbled about being two minutes early and having to stand outside, waiting. What total waste of life).

AND Teen manages to bring back kitchen towel from local shop (paid for, didn't steal). Teen gets chance for return to pub (four days later). Teen is worn out. He needs all ninety six hours to recover. Playing games apparently very important in doing so.

'Day' Two. Teen heads off. Comes back. Apparently pub wants to 'take it slow'. However, Teen has learnt something critical:

He Gets Staff Discount On Beer.

A triumph!

Underdog (that's me BTW) is rather pleased (also a rare event). Teen will be buying Underdog lots of beer from now on.

Underdog hopes Teen will be paying, but somehow doubts it.