Keith Nixon is the bestselling author of fourteen crime novels, including the Margate based Solomon Gray series which has currently sold over 200,000 copies and reached No.1 bestselling book on Amazon.

Keith lived near the gritty seaside town of Margate, where all his novels are based, for 17 years before relocating to the edge of the Peak District with his family where he lives today.

Solomon Gray Series

Detective Sergeant Solomon Gray is plagued by his dark past and the haunted memory of his missing son. Yet, somehow, he gets out of bed every day to fight through a web of lies and corruption to give people what he could never attain … answers.

 “This is a must read."

"... deeply emotional, a dark ROLLER COASTER ride."

"A stunning book and a new series that has become a must read."

Other Series From Keith Nixon…

Konstantin Series


Caradoc Series

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