Today's Teenage Triumph (a VERY rare event)

Teen manages to get himself a job in pub as tryout. Perfect, really (for him). Slides out of bed late, fifteen minute saunter away from home, five hours a couple of days a week.

That's how life really works, right?

Teen's first 'day' goes okay. What was supposed to be couple of hours, turned into five (however Teen grumbled about being two minutes early and having to stand outside, waiting. What total waste of life).

AND Teen manages to bring back kitchen towel from local shop (paid for, didn't steal). Teen gets chance for return to pub (four days later). Teen is worn out. He needs all ninety six hours to recover. Playing games apparently very important in doing so.

'Day' Two. Teen heads off. Comes back. Apparently pub wants to 'take it slow'. However, Teen has learnt something critical:

He Gets Staff Discount On Beer.

A triumph!

Underdog (that's me BTW) is rather pleased (also a rare event). Teen will be buying Underdog lots of beer from now on.

Underdog hopes Teen will be paying, but somehow doubts it.

Today's Teen Tomfoolery

This tale relates to Mid Teen, Teen's younger sister.

Mid Teen comes downstairs before school, uniform on etc. Boss Lady informs Mid Teen she is wearing mascara. Not allowed at school. Mid Teen denies all. Boss Lady is apparently mistaken.

Boss Lady repeats her assertion twice. Mid Teen says on both occasions that Boss Lady does not know what she is talking about. She clearly needs to go and lie down.

Boss Lady asks Mid Teen to come closer. Mid Teen reluctantly complies. Boss Lady suggests she spit in Mid Teen's eye to see if the mascara Mid Teen claims not to be wearing runs or not.

Mid Teen loses temper, admits she actually does have make up on. Storms upstairs to wash the stuff off in the five minutes before she has to leave to catch bus...

Today's Teenage Twattery

Boss Lady (wife) finds part time job in local company within walking distance. Part time office work. Boss tells Teen. While he is on his computer (probably playing games).

Teen throws arms violently up in the air. Says, never wants to work in an office. Boss says not all offices are the same and also use of computer in job. Perfect for Teen who did Computer Science A level and was going to do a degree in it too.

Teen is even more annoyed now. Never, ever wants to work with computers. Boss points out he is on a computer right now. Teen ignores irony.

Computer is coming out of Teen's room tonight...

Today's Teenage Tragedy

Teen thinks he has job at the pub he tried out at yesterday. Teen is next in Wednesday.

Teen doesn't know what days they want him, if at all beyond Wednesday. Teen doesn't know how many hours either.

Turns out several of Teen's friends already work at said pub. Teen is clueless of this fact until he arrives for work.

Teen has already resigned from part time cleaning job though.

Worst of all, Teen has no idea if there is staff family beer discount.